Sierra Kerr

Sierra Kerr is one of the fiercest girls you are ever likely to meet, and at just 9 years old, you would be forgiven for questioning her age when she drops into a vert ramp (normally reserved for x games athletes) pulling into barrels twice her size at Snapper Rocks or rail grinding her way through a recent snow trip to Mammoth.

Stoking her passion for surf and skate (and big air maneuvers) is her father and professional surfer, Josh Kerr, who introduced Sierra to skating when she was four. Within a few short years, Sierra wasn’t only skating solo, but confidently tackling tricks that someone twice her age would think twice about.

Sierra hopes to be a professional surfer and skater when she gets older, but in the meantime her goal is to inspire as many girls as possible to pick up a skateboard or a surfboard and have a go!

It’s no secret that the Hawaiian islands are one of our favorite pieces of P A R A D I S E. We feel most at home when we visit and struggle with the concept of returning to our day to day lives when we eventually have to leave.

Imagine then, the incredible week we had on Kauai with one of the largest gatherings of #ROXYgirls to date for our Spring campaign. A magical week of not only soaking up mother natures finest but sharing stories and laughs between a team of incredible women.

Scroll down to explore a few of our favorite behind the scenes moments from our campaign shoot -

Take a #ROXYSneakPeek into Our Campaign Shoot on Kaua’i


Peek a boo

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Take a #ROXYSneakPeek into Our Campaign Shoot on Kaua’i


RXY in the HI it's the best combo @roxy #ROXYSneakPeek Photography: @brunasschmitz

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Take a #ROXYSneakPeek into Our Campaign Shoot on Kaua’i




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love these ladies @ROXY

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She was a good one today! @roxy #ROXYSneakPeek

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Bebe girl @maineikinimaka @roxy

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Prints on Prints for #ROXYSneakPeek pc: @doeeyeddani @roxy

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Take a #ROXYSneakPeek into Our Campaign Shoot on Kaua’i




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Take a #ROXYSneakPeek into Our Campaign Shoot on Kaua’i


Kauai @roxy

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Take a #ROXYSneakPeek into Our Campaign Shoot on Kaua’i

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Sierra Kerr hardly needs an introduction. She has already been on a few trips with the ROXY team, and chances are, you've either caught her skating skills or her surf clips on the gram and wished you had those kind of moves at her age.

It's easy to catch her stoke when you're hanging out with her, but we dare you to try and keep up. it's almost impossible.

The Kids Are Alright Meet Sierra

Sierra's Dad is Josh Kerr who has been surfing competitively for 15 years and is currently on the WCT, so Sierra has been watching some of the world's best breaks since she was a baby; no wonder she's fallen in love with boardriding!

The Kids Are Alright Meet Sierra

Also like many of the WCT surfers, Sierra also loves golf - there's no better way to spend a lay day than hitting the green and this lil' powerhouse has her sights set on not being a professional surfer and skateboarder but a golfer as well. You got this, Sierra!

The Kids Are Alright Meet Sierra

Name – Sierra Kerr

Age – 10

When did you learn to surf? I surfed when I was little with orange floaties on but I really started learning when I was about 7.

Where’s your favorite break? Snapper Rocks.

What’s your favorite thing about surfing? Catching fun waves, laughing with friends in the water, and seeing all the dolphins swim by.

What do you want to be when you’re older? Professional surfer, skateboarder, and be on the woman's LPGA.

Who is your idol? My dad and my mom.

Favorite thing to do (other than surfing)? Skateboard, golf, wakesurf, and travel with my family.

The Kids Are Alright Meet Sierra

The Kids Are Alright Meet Sierra

The Kids Are Alright Meet Sierra

The Kids Are Alright Meet Sierra

The Kids Are Alright Meet Sierra

The Kids Are Alright Meet Sierra

While we were watching Steph chase down her 2017 #ROXYpro Gold Coast victory, hundreds of girls rolled out their mats on Rainbow Bay beach for the #ROXYfitness event.

Rain, Hail or Shine at #ROXYfitness Gold Coast

Despite the low pressure system bringing the rain, spirits were high as we kicked off the 7am start with yoga on the beach.

The view of pumping waves rolling past as we saluted the sun (hidden behind a few clouds) brought a great energy to the yoga session as did the partner yoga which also gave us a few laughs as we stretched with a buddy.

Rain, Hail or Shine at #ROXYfitness Gold Coast

Rain, Hail or Shine at #ROXYfitness Gold Coast

Rain, Hail or Shine at #ROXYfitness Gold Coast

Rain, Hail or Shine at #ROXYfitness Gold Coast

Next generation yogis, Zahlia, Sky and Sierra leading the flow!

Rain, Hail or Shine at #ROXYfitness Gold Coast

Rain, Hail or Shine at #ROXYfitness Gold Coast

The fun continued with a 5km run, tracing the coastline from Rainbow Bay to Kirra and then back again.

We think the excitement of finals day at the #ROXYpro managed to pull everyone over the line quicker than ever before, with the winner of the run leg, completing the race in 20:22!

Rain, Hail or Shine at #ROXYfitness Gold Coast

Rain, Hail or Shine at #ROXYfitness Gold Coast

After a quick snack we headed to Jack Evans Boat harbour for the 1km SUP race.

Rain, Hail or Shine at #ROXYfitness Gold Coast

While we managed to dry off during the run, it didn’t take long for the heavens to open one again, and deliver another almighty tropical downpour as we were paddling our way around the Tweed River.

Rain, Hail or Shine at #ROXYfitness Gold Coast

Rain, Hail or Shine at #ROXYfitness Gold Coast

To all the incredible women who came and celebrated along with us at #ROXYfitness Gold Coast, we thank you for your incredible smiles and indomitable spirit, refusing to let the rain hold you back from celebrating an active outdoor lifestyle! We hope to see you all again next year

This time next week, we’ll be back in championship tour mode, patiently waiting for the World Surf League dawn patrol to call on the first heats of the #ROXYpro Gold Coast 2017.

Until then, we scrolled back through the gram and found a few of our favorite posts to give you an idea of the fun that is about to unfold...

Our Favorite Moments from the #ROXYpro 2016

My view for the next two weeks @roxy #ROXYpro

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When they just get you #3Amigos #RoxyXSummersite @roxy @summersite @tim_swallow_photo @lagoon_collective

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South Wall | Ballina | Shark Town for #RoxyXSummersite @Roxy #3Amigos

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Clearest water ever #ROXYpro Photo: @caitmiersphotography @roxy

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Pre heat moment...Just a lil' excited

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That moment when the @roxy crew paddles out and it's automatically an instant crowd loving my time here at the #RoxyPro

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Happiness with my 3 Amigos @Roxy

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All smiles with @stephaniegilmore today Such a pleasure sharing a laugh in the sea with this chica for @roxy #ROXYsurf

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Where the water was warm, we wore matching bikinis, And not one moment was spared separated #3amigos// PC: @samseaz

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Mornings with @caitmiersphotography #POPsurf

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Just wanna give a shoutout to the ocean in Rainbow Bay for acting like a pool. @caitmiersphotography

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PIVOT @roxy #RoxyPro

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The Goldie is so sweet @roxy

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The paddle out to surf Snapper @roxy @tonicshop #roxypro. : @caitmiersphotography

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We party @summersite @roxy #3Amigos #RoxyxSummerSite

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From our saltiest groms to our World champs, we love sharing the stoke on a daily basis, but on June 20th we are joining our athletes and the surf community to celebrate International Surfing Day by heading to our favorite beach to surf, participate in beach clean up or soak up the weather with friends.

And to sweeten the deal, ROXY and Quiksilver are donating $10 from every boardshort and swim piece sold today to the Hawaiian Lifeguards. Because good karma swells and the ocean belongs to everyone.

Surfrider Foundation is hosting over 200 #ISD2016 events across the globe to enable every person to give back to their local beach or favorite surf break. Stay up to date throughout the day by following #ISD2016 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all the fun!

To kick things off we asked our team to tell us what surfing means to them -

Mainei Kinimaka // Hawaii

To me, surfing means practicing Hawaiian culture and sustaining my ancestral traditions.

Image Cory Gehr

International Surfing Day 2016

Nao Omura // Japan

Surfing is the happiest thing in my life!

International Surfing Day 2016

Bronte Macaulay // Australia

Crystal clear water, afternoon glass-offs , sunny days and endless smiles. How lucky are we...

Happy international surfing day!

International Surfing Day 2016

Kelia Moniz // Hawaii

Surfing to me is this… Waikiki. To me Waikiki means family, it means joy and it means memories. There’s a feeling you get there that you can’t get anywhere else. There’s a feeling that I get when I surf a wave here, it makes me fall in love with this wave riding thing over and over and over again.

Image Dane Peterson

International Surfing Day 2016

Laura Macaulay // Australia

To me, surfing means to enjoy and appreciate the moment with family, friends and nature.

Image WSL

International Surfing Day 2016

Justine Mauvin // France

To me, surf could mean Science Under the Rights of Freedom. Surfing takes me to the right place, where you learn about reaching the essence of being free.

International Surfing Day 2016

Chloe Calmon // Brazil

My connection with surfing is so deep within my soul, that every time I paddle out I feel I blend in with the ocean. It feels like the waves and I are only one being...

International Surfing Day 2016

Monyca Eleogram // Hawaii

Surfing to me is freedom. It’s the opportunity to live in the moment and let go.

Smile, laugh, stand up, sit down, go straight, or swerve. there is no right or wrong way. Freedom.

International Surfing Day 2016

Sienna Marshall // Australia

The ocean is my happy place where my fears, emotions, thoughts and feelings can be set free. Surfing feels like nothing I have ever experienced before. It makes my world turn, surfing means the world to me.

International Surfing Day 2016

Leila Riccobuano // Hawaii

Surf reflects my life.... Everyday and every wave are different.

International Surfing Day 2016

Bruna Schmitz // Brazil

Surfing to me is everything I know. I couldn't imagine my life without it. It just wouldn't make sense!

International Surfing Day 2016

Sophia Chapman // Australia

Surfing is my happy place, nothing compares to the feeling of freedom you get from the ocean.

International Surfing Day 2016

LeeAnn Curren // France

Go down the line and hunt for tubes. Happy international surfing day :)

International Surfing Day 2016

Vahine Fierro // Tahiti

My love for surfing will never go away

International Surfing Day 2016

Lizzie Stokely // Australia

Surfing is the best sport in the world

. Even though every wave is different, the feeling it leaves you with is always pure stoke!

Image Nick Green at Shipstern Bluff

International Surfing Day 2016

Bianca Buitendag // Sth Africa

To me, surfing reflects the freedom and joy that is available once recognizing your dependency and learning to trust the One that created all of life, every wave and you.

International Surfing Day 2016

Savanna Stone // Hawaii

I love surfing because when I am on a wave I feel most powerful, and the ocean makes me feel at home.

International Surfing Day 2016

Piper Harrison // Australia

When surfing I'm part of something bigger. The power of the ocean and the world surrounding me, I appreciate the incredible world we live in.

International Surfing Day 2016

Alyssa Lock // Australia

Surfing is my past, my present and my future

International Surfing Day 2016

Chelsea Tuach // Barbados

Surfing has shaped me into the person I am today. I'm thankful for the highs and the lessons and for the beautiful people I've met along the way.

International Surfing Day 2016

India Robinson // Australia

Surfing means the world to me, out of the water i feel like a different person, the real me is in the water.

International Surfing Day 2016

Sage Goldsbury // Australia

I love everything about surfing, floating in the ocean with my family and friends, sunshine and the uplifting bliss after a good wave.

International Surfing Day 2016

Meg Roh // America

I've surfed every day for the past five years because surfing to me means endless adventures and smiles.

International Surfing Day 2016

Caroline Marks // America

I love surfing. Love is surfing every wave like it's your last.

International Surfing Day 2016

Lucie Milochau // France

Surfing is wake up every morning thinking at what will look like the session

International Surfing Day 2016

Rosy Hodge // Sth Africa

Surfing is something I wake up thinking about everyday. It's the constant source of what makes me happy and has shaped the best memories in my life.

International Surfing Day 2016

Sierra Kerr // America

I surf because it makes me feel good. I love to be in the water with dolphins swimming by me. I smile and laugh a lot surfing with my family and friends and that makes me very happy.

International Surfing Day 2016

Mahé Javegny // France

Surfing is everything for me and the things I prefer to do. It’s an amazing feeling, the best feeling in the world.

International Surfing Day 2016

Sakura // Hawaii

Surfing is so fun and make me happy and smiles.

International Surfing Day 2016

Juliette Brice // France

I don’t even have words to describe what does surfing mean to me, It’s just the best feeling in the world and I couldn’t imagine living without it!

International Surfing Day 2016

Summer Macedo // Hawaii

Surfing is my "rock". It reminds me of who I am and what I love to do.

International Surfing Day 2016

Gabbi Knudson // Hawaii

Surfing is pure stoke, and is what I look forward to doing everyday. It provides a way to hang out and make friends and surf some of the best waves in the world. Surfing means everything to me, and I will never take it for granted.

International Surfing Day 2016

Stephanie Gilmore // Australia

Surfing sure is magical! Right here in my happiest place, smile on my face, it must be love! Happy International Surfing Day friends :)

International Surfing Day 2016

We couldn’t think of a better coach for the team riders preparing for the #ROXYpro trials and a new year on the competition circuit, than 4x World Champion, Lisa Andersen. From technique to tactics and everything in between, Lisa gave Alyssa, Caroline, Nao, Mainei and Sierra a few secrets to her success that might give them the winning edge in the line-up.

#ROXYpro Trials Training with Lisa Andersen

First on the agenda, a morning surf at Snapper.

#ROXYpro Trials Training with Lisa Andersen

#ROXYpro Trials Training with Lisa Andersen

Although it was a stormy start to the day, it couldn’t dampen the girls spirits.

#ROXYpro Trials Training with Lisa Andersen

#ROXYpro Trials Training with Lisa Andersen

#ROXYpro Trials Training with Lisa Andersen

#ROXYpro Trials Training with Lisa Andersen

Back on the beach, the girls quickly decided it was time to hit the Coolangatta Boardriders store, for a little retail therapy and a delicious lunch.

#ROXYpro Trials Training with Lisa Andersen

#ROXYpro Trials Training with Lisa Andersen

With a new haul of bikinis in hand and the clouds clearing, the girls grabbed their gear and headed out for another superbank session.

#ROXYpro Trials Training with Lisa Andersen

#ROXYpro Trials Training with Lisa Andersen

A little pre-surf pep talk from Lisa.

#ROXYpro Trials Training with Lisa Andersen

#ROXYpro Trials Training with Lisa Andersen

#ROXYpro Trials Training with Lisa Andersen

Surfed out and satisfied, the girls shared some of their favorite moments with Lisa as they headed back up the beach.

Tune in and cheer on the girls on ROXY Instagram, Snapchat Twitter and Facebook

Today is the day to not only paddle out and catch a few waves, but to participate, protect and enjoy your favorite breaks and beaches. This year marks the 11th anniversary of Surfrider Foundation’s International Surfing Day, raising awareness for the conservation of our coasts through research and education.

With Surfrider Foundation hosting over 200 events across the globe, from film screenings to surf contests and beach clean ups, it’s easy to find an International Surfing Day event near you.


To stay informed on International Surfing Day updates from our athletes across the globe, follow the #ISD15 hashtag on social media as well as ROXY on Instagram and Twitter.

Free / dom @roxy photo @alanvangysen

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Wahine || Huahine Tahiti

A photo posted by Stephanie (@stephaniegilmore) on

Adios Mexico Thanks for sharing your vitamin D with me PC:@tyhaft

A photo posted by Kelia Moniz (@keliamoniz) on

Clearest water! @roxy #roxysneakpeek #airtahitinui :#gopro

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Between 2 calls⌛@roxy @cisurfboards @gopro : @anthony_walsh_

A photo posted by @rosyhodge on

Uma boa sexta começa assim. || A good Friday starts just like that. by @fellipeditadi

A photo posted by Chloé Calmon (@chloecalmon) on

I the ocean it makes me so happy #WorldOceansDay

A photo posted by Sierra *Nicole Kerr (@sierrakerr) on

Bye bye #Tahiti it was a blast Thanks @raimanaworld & @roxy | Xau xau Tahiti diversão pura

A photo posted by ⠀B R U N A⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ (@brunasschmitz) on

Happy place @nobufukuphotography @roxy #POPsurf #Bali #greenroom

A photo posted by Lee-Ann Curren (@lacurren) on

Mexico flights are booked, getting pretty excited #gettyimages

A photo posted by Bronte Macaulay (@brontemacaulay) on

In celebration of #25YearsofROXY we sat down with team riders, Rosy Hodge and Sierra Kerr on a sunny lay day at the #ROXYpro to learn a little more about Rosy’s life growing up with the brand and Sierra’s goals for the future. Plus these two salty beauties share a unique similarity, both were sponsored by ROXY at age 8. Read more as the grom and grom at heart share the stoke together.


Sierra, how does it make you feel that you are on the same path as Rosy when she was your age?

It is super cool and inspiring that Rosy joined ROXY at my age!

Rosy, What was it like being raised by the brand?

It was so surreal for me to get sponsored by ROXY because I was soooo stoked about surfing. I was so proud to put the sticker on my board and every time a box of clothes got to my house I would rip it apart and figure out what Lisa, VK, Megan Abubo were wearing when they surfed and instantly that became my uniform. I remember watching Quiksilver Country and Kelly Slater had a pair of Hula Girl print Boardies, I got the girls version and wore them till they started to rot. For real, there was nothing left of those boardies. Then I had the chance to go on trips with my heros and I had to play it cool when I met Lisa and Sophia and Chelsea and Megan, but I was so stoked to hang with all the people that inspired me and now I look at the team and the girls are younger than me but I'm so inspired by all of them still.

Who has been the most influential over the years to you at ROXY?

Rosy - Thats a hard question, I think Lisa still gets me stoked and then I look at Steph and Torah Bright, they’re amazing. Plus the Three Amigos: Kelia, Monz and Bruna, they glow. Little Sierra Kerr is blowing up too.

Sierra - Rosy, Kelia, Monyca, Bruna, Steph and Lisa are all so nice, they are so good at what they do and it is just so inspiring.


Sierra, What do you like about the ROXY Team?

They are so inspiring. You can see what they do and then you can put it to your stuff! It is just so cool!

Where has your favorite surf destination been with ROXY?

This is my 11th straight year on the Gold Coast and I love Australia. Hawaii and California are great too. All these places were so unfamiliar to me when I was little, now they have become home.

How have you seen ROXY grow as a brand over the past 25 years?

I just like that it still feels like family, it's had ups and downs but it still has its core vibe. People are personally invested in the brand, that passion comes across and that's what makes you fall in love with Roxy.

Rosy, what was it like transitioning from being on the tour to being a host and fitness model?

I love the way my transition from pro surfing has worked out. I still love traveling and surfing so much and the chance to explore other avenues has been a lot of fun. I get to surf and learn new skills without the pressure of competing.

What are your goals for the next 3 years?

Rosy - I would love to still be hosting, maybe branch out from surfing into other disciplines, reporting at the Olympics would be pretty cool and still working with Roxy.

Sierra - I just want to keep getting better at skateboarding and surfing and having fun!

Rosy what advice can you give Sierra starting out?

I would say enjoy yourself and try as many things as you can by making the most of opportunities. Be a sponge, there are only a handful of people in the world that can say that they are the very best at something and Roxy has most of them on the team, so learn from the champs and always be respectful.

Sierra, any advice to give Rosy?

Get better at what you do and be yourself!


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Being a grom is hard work. You have to spend your days surfing, skateboarding and eating multiple ice creams. We managed to catch up with our three favorite teenie wahines; 8 year-old Sierra Kerr, 11 year-old Leila Riccobauno and 14 year-old Alyssa Lock, fresh from a week of beach days, fun waves and sharing the stoke with our professional surfers and team riders during the #ROXYpro Gold Coast.

ROXY groms

What is the first thing you think about when you wake up?

Leila - Dang I am hungry!

Sierra - I think about style and skateboarding and surfing.

Alyssa - First thing is listen to the wind from my bed to see what the conditions could be like, and think "are there waves today" and where will I might find them. I’ll get out of bed and check the surf cams and then message a friend to come for a surf.

How did you feel when you were sponsored by ROXY?

Leila - Oh my goodness I was so happy!

Sierra - It impressed me. It made me go like whoa. It just kinda gave me that push to do better.

Alyssa - When I first got sponsored by ROXY, put the sticker on my board I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!!! I was so proud to flash my board around I couldn't wait for my friends to see it.

ROXY groms
photo courtesy of WSL ROXY groms

What’s the best part about being a ROXY girl?

Leila - It is so cool! Its the only brand that is just girls. And I like their clothes.

Sierra - With ROXY you can do a bunch of sports. Plus there are so many awesome girls on the team.

Alyssa - I don't like ROXY, I LOVE ROXY! I love the fun lifestyle of being with friends and surfing and being at the beach. It's about having fun, smiling and enjoying life. Then getting out there and sharing that fun with everyone around you.

Who is your favorite ROXY team rider?

Leila - Can I pick three? Kelia, Lisa and Monyca.

Sierra - Kelia, Monyca, Bruna, Steph and Lisa.

Alyssa - That's a hard question and I don't want to pick one. The ROXY girls are like family and you can't just pick one as your favourite, I love them all!

ROXY groms

Why are they your favorite?

Leila - Lisa is practically the mom of surfing, she sets the example for all the girls and she is really nice too!

Sierra - Because they are so nice, they are so good at what they do and it is just so inspiring.

Who got you into surfing?

Leila - My dad and my brother.

Sierra - Well of course my Dad. There is no doubt about that.

Alyssa - My dad started me off on a boogie board, but because I damaged his so much he thought it was time for me to get my own board and that was all I needed.

When you are riding big waves what are you thinking about?

Leila - Please don’t get hit by a big wave I don’t want to die today noooo!

Sierra- Do not close out on me, let me get around the section. When I am duck diving I normally just bail because I have to swim super deep, its like hard to go that deep. I just ditch my board and go under.

Alyssa - When I'm on big waves I am always thinking ‘where's the barrel at?’ or I hope this wave is a long ride and that no-one drops in on me (living at Snapper it's always possible!).

What is the most important thing someone has told you about surfing or skateboarding?

Leila - How to duck dive and be parallel on the wave. Like opening up your shoulders. You look at the lip and say ‘Hi lip give me a hug then you like reject it’.

Sierra - In skateboarding he told me to not be scared and to just go for it. He told me to not feel like you are going to break anything.

Alyssa - That one is easy .... HAVE FUN!!

ROXY groms
ROXY groms

What do you like better surfing or skateboarding?

Leila - Surfing because I am way better at it.

Sierra - I think I like skateboard more by like an inch.

Alyssa - Surfing surfing surfing without a doubt! I love being in the ocean so it's definitely surfing. I sometimes forget how fun skateboarding is because I don't always have time but I once I skate it reminds me of how much I actually enjoy it.

Sierra, what is the best part of skateboarding for you?

Sierra - Doing tricks and dropping in just feels so good. My favorite trick is probably airs.

Leila and Sierra, do you guys like skateboarding together?

Leila - Yes it is so cool watching her do amazing stuff. She was doing a rock to fakie and airs, my jaw dropped!

Sierra - It is just fun to skate with friends. My favorite thing we did today was we made a love heart with our kick turns.

Advice for the ROXY team?

Leila - Be yourself.

Sierra - Just be the way you are. Be yourself and keep getting better at what you do.

Alyssa - Keep inspiring :)

ROXY groms

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Lay days are time to chill out and enjoy everything the Gold Coast has to offer! ROXY team riders Monyca, Kelia, Rosy, Chelsea, Bronte, LeeAnn and Sierra headed to the beach in search of a few fun waves and a chance to relax on the sand while soaking up the seemingly endless Australian summer sun.

We asked Monyca a couple questions about what it is like surfing with the new crop of groms, her advice for the future and her favorite items from Roxy right now...

Lay day lowdown with Monyca

What is it like riding with the Groms like Chelsea and Sierra?

Well I would hardly call Chelsea a Grom, she is absolutely ripping and a total babe! Sierra Is so awesome, she is so brave and determined! I love surfing with all the girls, its just a good feeling being in the water with such inspirational women!

Lay day lowdown with Monyca
Lay day lowdown with Monyca

What advice would you give them about starting off in surfing?

Make sure you're doing it for YOU, and make sure you are happy. There are so many ways to approach competitive surfing. Surfing as much as possible is also very important. To keep up, you always have to be improving.

What did you learn from being with the ROXY team?

It has been amazing. I have made best friends, I have learned to love all different types of surfing and riding different boards, and I feel like I'm exactly where I want to be.

Lay day lowdown with Monyca
Lay day lowdown with Monyca
Lay day lowdown with Monyca
Lay day lowdown with Monyca
Lay day lowdown with Monyca

What are your essentials when you go surfing?

Sun screen, a bathing suit that will stay put, a good board, and a big smile.

What is your beach playlist?

I'm not picky, I love top 40, old school stuff, and country. Any type of feel good tunes :)

What are your favorite ROXY pieces right now?

I'm a sucker for polka dots so I love the green and white polka dot bikini, and I also really like the neoprene #POPSurf two piece. Its really flattering and great in the water.

Lay day lowdown with Monyca

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This morning kicked off early with some much needed yoga on the beach. ROXY team riders Kelia and Monyca joined over 60 people to stretch it out on the beautiful sands of Rainbow Bay. The sun was shining, the tunes were pumping and stretches were at an all time high as participants were testing out their moves on their new ROXY yoga mats. Gold Coast local, Crystal O’Rourke lead the group through a series of poses to wake up the body and bring the alignment and strength needed for the long week of surfing ahead at the #ROXYPro.


After yoga, all the participants enjoyed a few freebies from our sponsors; refreshing cold pressed juices from Organic Avenue and delicious Blue Dinosaur Paleo bars to power them through the rest of the day as the #ROXYpro commences here at Snapper Rocks.

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Missed ROXY yoga at the pro? Don’t worry, the Team will be back on the beach Monday March 2nd & Wednesday March 4th at 8am, see you there!

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