Winter Lookbook


We have no maps. We're lead by heart, and our aim is true: progression. Gold medals. Experiences. It's different for each of us. Driven by day and crazed by night. Pre-dawn to après, our pattern is clear: Find. Leave. Repeat.

Turnagain Dawn
Pink-tipped peaks punctuate an Alaskan sunrise on the Chugach Range. We’re uniquely situated at sea level, gazing skyward, preparing for first flight and first tracks in the backcountry.
Hot Wax and Helis
The Chugach Powder Guides hangar will be our base camp for the week- a tarmac-side enclave stuffed with aircraft paraphernalia, safety gear, skis, boards, ice-tire MTN bikes and live-streaming weather maps.
Clear to Taxi
Anticipation. Nerves. Stoke. Ascending altitude under bluebird skies over a glistening blanket of untouched has us all wearing ear-to-ear smiles (and taking countless phone photos out the window!)
This is why you ran stairs all summer. Why you deliberated over stance angles. Why you packed, and repacked your avalanche bag. THIS is why you came to Alaska.
Taking Turns
What is more fun: cheering on your friends (and taking the occasional face shot) or lacing a new line yourself? We can’t decide, and we don’t much care… we’ve got more heli time to burn and we won’t waste a second!
Days don’t End
When you are so wired on adrenaline from an incredible day in the backcountry, refueled with salmon sushi and Alyeska leaves the lights on, what do you do? You get back out there!

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