Join Us At the Beach on June 20th, International Surfing Day 2016

From our saltiest groms to our World champs, we love sharing the stoke on a daily basis, but on June 20th we are joining our athletes and the surf community to celebrate International Surfing Day by heading to our favorite beach to surf, participate in beach clean up or soak up the weather with friends.

And to sweeten the deal, ROXY and Quiksilver are donating $10 from every boardshort and swim piece sold today to the Hawaiian Lifeguards. Because good karma swells and the ocean belongs to everyone.

Surfrider Foundation is hosting over 200 #ISD2016 events across the globe to enable every person to give back to their local beach or favorite surf break. Stay up to date throughout the day by following #ISD2016 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all the fun!

To kick things off we asked our team to tell us what surfing means to them -

Mainei Kinimaka // Hawaii

To me, surfing means practicing Hawaiian culture and sustaining my ancestral traditions.

Image Cory Gehr

International Surfing Day 2016

Nao Omura // Japan

Surfing is the happiest thing in my life!

International Surfing Day 2016

Bronte Macaulay // Australia

Crystal clear water, afternoon glass-offs , sunny days and endless smiles. How lucky are we...

Happy international surfing day!

International Surfing Day 2016

Kelia Moniz // Hawaii

Surfing to me is this… Waikiki. To me Waikiki means family, it means joy and it means memories. There’s a feeling you get there that you can’t get anywhere else. There’s a feeling that I get when I surf a wave here, it makes me fall in love with this wave riding thing over and over and over again.

Image Dane Peterson

International Surfing Day 2016

Laura Macaulay // Australia

To me, surfing means to enjoy and appreciate the moment with family, friends and nature.

Image WSL

International Surfing Day 2016

Justine Mauvin // France

To me, surf could mean Science Under the Rights of Freedom. Surfing takes me to the right place, where you learn about reaching the essence of being free.

International Surfing Day 2016

Chloe Calmon // Brazil

My connection with surfing is so deep within my soul, that every time I paddle out I feel I blend in with the ocean. It feels like the waves and I are only one being...

International Surfing Day 2016

Monyca Eleogram // Hawaii

Surfing to me is freedom. It’s the opportunity to live in the moment and let go.

Smile, laugh, stand up, sit down, go straight, or swerve. there is no right or wrong way. Freedom.

International Surfing Day 2016

Sienna Marshall // Australia

The ocean is my happy place where my fears, emotions, thoughts and feelings can be set free. Surfing feels like nothing I have ever experienced before. It makes my world turn, surfing means the world to me.

International Surfing Day 2016

Leila Riccobuano // Hawaii

Surf reflects my life.... Everyday and every wave are different.

International Surfing Day 2016

Bruna Schmitz // Brazil

Surfing to me is everything I know. I couldn't imagine my life without it. It just wouldn't make sense!

International Surfing Day 2016

Sophia Chapman // Australia

Surfing is my happy place, nothing compares to the feeling of freedom you get from the ocean.

International Surfing Day 2016

LeeAnn Curren // France

Go down the line and hunt for tubes. Happy international surfing day :)

International Surfing Day 2016

Vahine Fierro // Tahiti

My love for surfing will never go away

International Surfing Day 2016

Lizzie Stokely // Australia

Surfing is the best sport in the world

. Even though every wave is different, the feeling it leaves you with is always pure stoke!

Image Nick Green at Shipstern Bluff

International Surfing Day 2016

Bianca Buitendag // Sth Africa

To me, surfing reflects the freedom and joy that is available once recognizing your dependency and learning to trust the One that created all of life, every wave and you.

International Surfing Day 2016

Savanna Stone // Hawaii

I love surfing because when I am on a wave I feel most powerful, and the ocean makes me feel at home.

International Surfing Day 2016

Piper Harrison // Australia

When surfing I'm part of something bigger. The power of the ocean and the world surrounding me, I appreciate the incredible world we live in.

International Surfing Day 2016

Alyssa Lock // Australia

Surfing is my past, my present and my future

International Surfing Day 2016

Chelsea Tuach // Barbados

Surfing has shaped me into the person I am today. I'm thankful for the highs and the lessons and for the beautiful people I've met along the way.

International Surfing Day 2016

India Robinson // Australia

Surfing means the world to me, out of the water i feel like a different person, the real me is in the water.

International Surfing Day 2016

Sage Goldsbury // Australia

I love everything about surfing, floating in the ocean with my family and friends, sunshine and the uplifting bliss after a good wave.

International Surfing Day 2016

Meg Roh // America

I've surfed every day for the past five years because surfing to me means endless adventures and smiles.

International Surfing Day 2016

Caroline Marks // America

I love surfing. Love is surfing every wave like it's your last.

International Surfing Day 2016

Lucie Milochau // France

Surfing is wake up every morning thinking at what will look like the session

International Surfing Day 2016

Rosy Hodge // Sth Africa

Surfing is something I wake up thinking about everyday. It's the constant source of what makes me happy and has shaped the best memories in my life.

International Surfing Day 2016

Sierra Kerr // America

I surf because it makes me feel good. I love to be in the water with dolphins swimming by me. I smile and laugh a lot surfing with my family and friends and that makes me very happy.

International Surfing Day 2016

Mahé Javegny // France

Surfing is everything for me and the things I prefer to do. It’s an amazing feeling, the best feeling in the world.

International Surfing Day 2016

Sakura // Hawaii

Surfing is so fun and make me happy and smiles.

International Surfing Day 2016

Juliette Brice // France

I don’t even have words to describe what does surfing mean to me, It’s just the best feeling in the world and I couldn’t imagine living without it!

International Surfing Day 2016

Summer Macedo // Hawaii

Surfing is my "rock". It reminds me of who I am and what I love to do.

International Surfing Day 2016

Gabbi Knudson // Hawaii

Surfing is pure stoke, and is what I look forward to doing everyday. It provides a way to hang out and make friends and surf some of the best waves in the world. Surfing means everything to me, and I will never take it for granted.

International Surfing Day 2016

Stephanie Gilmore // Australia

Surfing sure is magical! Right here in my happiest place, smile on my face, it must be love! Happy International Surfing Day friends :)

International Surfing Day 2016

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