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Embrace the unknown with open arms…ROXY Summer 2014

It’s born inside all of us. Wanderlust. That feeling. That pull. That restless tickle in our feet, always whispering "Keep it moving." That rush of adrenaline that gets us out of bed, and out of our comfort zones. Sending us out to climb waves and mountains alike. In search of the next ride. The next thrill. The next evolutions of us. Bowing at the altar of “Yes.” And embracing the unknown with open arms. Both in the world, and in ourselves. Always wandering. Always wondering. Always open to whatever comes next. Shedding old skins for new. While seeking peace in madness and zen in the middle of a storm. Where foreign becomes familiar, and being a stranger isn't strange at all. Because home is a mindset. And getting lost is where you get found.

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