You’ve probably already seen the photo, 2x World Longboarding Champ, Kelia Moniz, dropping into a 15ft Teahupoo bomb on a 9’4 single fin longboard.

Then you probably saw the wipeout clip on STAB, or maybe saw the comments filtering through on social media. Fans, strangers and the wider surf community paying respect for something that no man or woman has possibly ever attempted.

Sitting in the channel witnessing the whole thing go down were, fellow team riders, Monyca and Steph, plus legendary Quiksilver waterman Jamie Mitchell and renowned photographer, Tim McKenna - here are their stories from that day….


We love nothing more than long, warm salty days where we barely leave the beach and our beauty look is as simple as a braid and a twist.

Whether you’re spending your days by the sea this Summer or just chasing the look, our hair hero, Katie Neutz, is here to guide you through an easy braided bun with 6x World Champ Steph Gilmore.

Get the look - Steph’s Salty Braided Bun

We’re no strangers to the Tahitian islands and the warm, inviting Polynesian charm that inevitably draws us back time and time again.

For our latest campaign shoot we rediscovered paradise amongst the spellbinding azure lagoons, lush tropical jungle and whitewashed beaches of Huahine.

Seven days in paradise with an awesome crew sounds like the ideal holiday doesn’t it? For the ROXY team it’s all in the name of work, to shoot our latest campaign amongst the stunning islands of Tahiti. Fortunately the location delivers a cruisy vibe, laid back locals and more sunshine than you can handle.

Monyca, Steph, Bruna, Kelia and Zoe certainly made the head office team jealous as their dreamy #ROXYSneakPeek ‘grams filled our feeds. Here’s a round-up of our faves from the shoot and a heavy dose of travel inspo all rolled into one.


With the silly season officially over and a fresh list of #ROXYfitness resolutions to tackle in 2016, we decided to ease our way into the year with a cleansing and refreshing citrus infused water recipe.

#ROXYfitness Citrus Water Recipe

Soul surfers, Lena Stoffel and Aline Bock recently packed their bags and an RV full of surfboards, skis, snowboards, splitboards and stand-up paddleboards for an incredible adventure in part of Norway’s dramatic archipelago, Lofoten. A trip designed to satisfy both passions, snow and surf.

Take a look at their clip (a good dose of travel inspiration!)

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