Discovering the benefits of yoga soon after she made the move from Brazil to California, Bruna, has since dedicated herself to the power of the mat. Initially using yoga as a complementary practice to manage surf training and travel, Bruna now realizes how healing yoga can be; “I noticed that no matter how busy or how stressed I am, as soon as I walk into a yoga class my mind is settled and I feel relaxed.”

With a schedule as busy as Bruna’s who better to build us an easy 20-minute sequence that we can take just about anywhere. Enjoy!

Kick Start Your Day with Bruna's 20 Minute Yoga Flow

"An unexpected trip to Namibia over the weekend ended up being one of the most unforgettable trips of my entire life." Bianca Buitendag found a shaded Oasis at Skeleton Bay on the Southwest coast of Africa.

Prepare to become an expert in the enviable skill of fishtail braids with Monyca’s easy How-To video and step-by-step snaps (it’s so much easier than you think!)

Get the Look: Kelia’s Fishtail Braid

Our latest campaign shoot took us to the shores of Rote Island, hovering off the coast of Indonesia. With the promise of surf only a boat ride away and some of the most breathtaking sunsets we have ever witnessed, Rote was full of surprises.

We tasked Bianca (a true creative soul) with capturing the experience, not only in pictures, but in her own words. Read her Rote Island reflections below -

Island life with Bianca Buitendag

Rugged up and ready to explore, we found our very own winter wonderland in the majestic Swiss Alps

This past Winter, LeeAnn Curren traded chilly French breaks for warmer waters in the sleepy fishing town of Taghazout, Morocco. As a popular annual migration for many salty Europeans, the West African nation offers some of the most perfect right hand breaks, although with waves labelled - Mysteries, Killers and Dracula’s (for its razor sharp teeth like rocks below the surface) you might think twice before paddling out. Forget about the Souks and the Sahara, make your way to the rugged Moroccan coast for some incredible surf.

We caught up with Lee-Ann recently to hear more about her adventure, what we can expect from her band Betty the Shark this year, and where her board will take her to next.

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