Spotted! We're stoked to see new the new #ROXYfitness Sand To Sea swimwear featured on the August cover of Women's Fitness.

For some fresh fitspo, take a look at the newest fitness arrivals here >

ROXY As Seen In - Women's Fitness

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Just as ROXY is a trailblazer for women’s surfing, Courrèges has been for fashion. Do you know who introduced the mini skirt to the world back in the early 60s? Yep, it was Courrèges. We figured it was time to join forces to create a collection for the kind of girl who loves a bit of Parisian chic in their life - actually is there anyone who doesn’t?!

This summer we feel there’s a little bit of magic in this new collab - the shoot with Stephanie Gilmore in the Maldives says it all. Drawing inspiration from Courrèges’ preference for white and citrus colours in technical fabrics back in the 60s, this collection brings a strong look bound to turn heads on the street and in the line-up. Take your pick from a tri bikini, running jacket and pants to a tank and skirt, all in technical fabrics designed for the ROXY girl on the go.

Check out the full collection here >

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With a break from competition underway, we spent some time with Bianca Buitendag, digging through some of her first and favorite salty memories. Naturally we wanted to know what sparked her love of the ocean, a thirst for life on tour and what were her biggest influences when it came to surfing.

Take a trip down memory lane with Bianca

Back to the Beginning with Bianca

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When we hit the beach and paddle out, we’re not afraid to turn heads. We’re here to have fun, catch waves and share the stoke. Our latest #POPsurf collection is set to bring new life to the lineup with prints drawing inspiration from the 70s and 80s kaleidoscopic surfboard art.

If subtle-but-fierce is more your style, check out the solid black surf onesie with embossing to make a statement. Made with top technology and designed to be surf-ready, you will be ready to charge.

Join Steph, Monyca and Kelia in this clip from their most recent surf adventure through the Maldives.

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Thanks to the thousands of girls that joined us over the weekend, we’re still riding the #ROXYfitness high! From Hawaii to Marseille, the good vibes just kept rolling as we ran, SUP’ed and stretched under a Summer sun.

#ROXYfitness Weekend

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